Drunken Carabao Tour

carabaotourThe latest activity in Siargao! Drunken Carabao (Water buffalo) Tour, the idea is that you take a native style ride through Siargao’s beautiful countryside and hills with amazing views topping the tour off with watching a wonderful sun set.
The tour is run by Siargao English expats Liam and Carl.

You are provided endless amount of alcohol:
1. Rum and Coke
2. Alcohol version of moonshine
3. Beer

For the tour, there is usually a minimum of 6 people. Do not worry, people come from different resorts for this one of a kind activity.

The tour costs 1000PHP per person.

These tours tend to begin at 15:00, most tours last at least 2-3 hours.

It is completely safe besides the fact that you may fall off but you’ll be so drunk that is doesn’t matter. You’ll end up with grass stains or dirt on your leg.

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