Sohoton Caves

What better way to experience the enchanting beauty of Siargao island for a day other than surfing-is a boat trip to Sohoton! One of the must-see special tourist sites in the Philippines. Be amazed and feel inspired by the breath-taking views of the cave formations rising out from the turquoise-colored water, or feel adventurous by jumping off safe cliffs into the lagoon, and most of all feel the awesome experience of swimming around hundreds of harmless and NON-stinging golden jellyfish (you read it right- NON stinging!)

Day trip speedboat hire: 9,000PHP – 12,000PHP up to 6ppl. (average time: 1hr30 one way)

Day trip pumpboat hire: 5,000PHP – 6,000PHP up to 6ppl. (average time: 2hr45 one way)

Expect to pay around 400PHP/person for conservation fees etc whilst in Sohoton.