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by on November 14, 2013

path2Typhoon Haiyan – one of the most powerful storms on record to make landfall – swept through six central Philippine islands on Friday November 8th.

Siargao was along the predicted path of Typhoon Haiyan and everyone at Buddha’s evacuated the resort moving to a concrete house inland, along with many other Siargao residents. Luckily there was only minor damage and no casualties in Siargao – the eye of the typhoon passed just 100km north of us and along its path caused major devastation and many casualties which you will no doubt have seen in the media this week

Previous guests, friends and family have been in touch with me asking how they can help.  Many are cynical of donating to orgs etc in the Philippines.  Along with some other Siargao residents we decided to personally ensure money gets to where it is needed.  I will record any donations on this page and account for everything which we spend.

The Plan

The surf community in Siargao plan to collectively raise money for a similar surf community located in Calicoan Island, Samar (a remote island approx 100km north of Siargao).   Aid is struggling to reach this location as along the route there are many other places who also need aid, like in Tacloban city.  We plan to buy supplies in Surigao City and take the supplies direct on a boat.  Supplies will predominantly be tinned food.

A number of neighbours have already gone ahead to offer help, including ‘Soi’ who many will know from Matanjak next door.

The boat will leave for Calicoan on Saturday 23rd Nov.

We aim to raise 600,000PHP.


15 Nov – Following a successful bar crawl fundraiser by Siargao residents we managed to raise 91,700PHP


16 Nov – A boat has been found to take the supplies to Calicoan.  A 24m/5.5m large fishing boat with a capacity of 33tons.  The use of the boat has kindly been donated by Joakim and Janet of Burgos, Siargao / Surigao City.

16 Nov – to date collectively in Siargao we have raised around 270,000PHP

19 Nov – we plan to buy supplies in Surigao City Thurs/Fri and hopefully the boat will leave Sat 23rd Nov.  To date collectively Siargao has raised around 600,000PHP (around £8,500!)

23 Nov – Supplies were bought yesterday.  Food, water, and building supplies were loaded on the fishing boat yesterday afternoon.  The boat is departing as I write this, good luck to Marlo, Dencio, Carding, Wilma and Babal along with the boat crew.


24 Nov  – Text from one of the boys on the boat: “We are okay and in barangay Sulangan, Calicoan. No signal here.  I’m just at Guiuan airport to send texts.  Returning tomorrow afternoon.  Talk to you guys soon. Very depressing here.”

27 Nov

5 days. 880 families given help. Despite the complete devastation the people are still in high spirit, positive and lots of smiles to be seen.  Any further money donated we plan to revisit Samar area and focus on buildings.  Thanks again for all the donations!


1 Dec – ABCD surf club in Guiuan requested two chainsaw to help with demolition and rebuilding of home.  Two were purchased in Manila this weekend and have been sent.chainsaw

12 DecguiuanschoolFor the next wave of help we plan to use the current donations towards the rebuilding of Sulangan Central School, Guiuan South district.  The school was completely flattened despite the building being made of concrete.  At present the children from the school are being taught in makeshift shelters and as can be imagined their routine is extremely disrupted.  Our contacts in Guiuan will asses which building materials are needed and we will then use the donations to buy cement, steel etc.




To donate you can either send money via PayPal to donate@siargaosurf.com


Bank transfer (if sending a bank transfer please inform me on buddha@siargaosurf.com):
BDO Philippines
Account Name: Ashley Bowling
Account Number: 003380170393

I’ll be accounting for everything we spend on this page and you can follow here where the money is going.


Ashley, Buddha’s Surf Resort


Mark L – 3,000 – 14th Nov
Hans + Maya – 3,000 – 14th Nov
buffet/acoustic night – 9,000 – 14th Nov
Will N – 3,500 – 15th Nov
Минаев Антон – 1,000 – 15th Nov
Joe Gaffey – 3,500 – 16th Nov
Lorna A – 1,800 – 16th Nov
Gav B – 1,100 – 16th Nov
Dave A – 3,510 – 17th Nov
Julie B – 7,020 – 17th Nov
Jennifer B – 10,900 – 17th Nov
Jacqueline H – 4,000 – 18th Nov
Pam C – 1,450 – 19th Nov
Harriet S – 2,150 – 24th Nov
Wavecation – 2,200 – 26th Nov
Julie H – 3,600 – 1st Dec
Nick R – 3,600 – 1st Dec
Yoli S – 48,159 – 3rd Dec
Steve B – 7,200 – 4th Dec
Deborah C – 4,350 – 5th Dec
Trisha F – 14,500 – 12th Dec

total – 138,539PHP

Spent: 60,000PHP towards relief supplies and chainsaws.

Remaining: 78,539PHP which will go towards the rebuilding of Sulangan Central School, Guiuan South district.

*note this is a joint effort with other hotels in Siargao raising funds also – combined we have raised around 800,000PHP so far.


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