This video was provided by the popular TV show made in Canada who stayed with us October 2012 – Featuring resort owner Ashley Charles.

Set in the heart of the Siargao Surf community, Buddha’s Surf Resort gives you a true local surfing experience. Located between the busy Cloud 9 and the town of General Luna, the resort is ideal for travelers and surfers alike looking for good island vibes. The resort is comfortable with a laid back atmosphere and has easy access to everything you desire.

Our resort was created with Island beauty in mind. Its architecture makes use of native materials, and thus is a combination of modern and natural design. It is built amongst a grove of relaxing palm trees – a minute’s walk to the ocean.

hammock siargao

We have a popular restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine. Its two-storey structure and scenic ocean views makes it a great place to hang out, either by yourself or with friends and family.

Free WiFi is available throughout the resort. We know how important it is for you to keep in touch with loved ones back home, so we offer it for free! To keep you entertained, we have a selection of books and games. We even have a communal lounge area upstairs from the restaurant where you can watch movies.

happiness siargao

Surf spots are easily accessible in the area. The world-famous Cloud 9 is a short 5-minute motorbike ride from the resort. Want more adventure? Rent a car or boat and head out for the various other surf spots. We also have a secret spot right in front of the resort, which can be reached by a 10-minute paddle or a short boat ride.

Although the Island is famous for Cloud 9, it has a lot awesome breaks. Guests can be taken to different surf spots either by car, motorbike, or boat. Besides surfing, we can set you up with many other activities you can enjoy such as island hopping, mountain touring, kayaking, fishing, and scuba diving. Love the nightlight? We’ll show you the hottest places to party with the locals!

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