Cloud 9 History

The first wavehunters to rock up on the eastern coast of Siargao in the early eighties were reputed to be a couple of surfers named Steve Jones and Tony Arroza.  Towards the end of the decade a guy calling himself Max Walker arrived and set up home at Tuason Point, in front of the reef that would become known as Cloud 9.  The story has a tragic turn as Walker passed away after what locals say was an extended cleansing fast and it was not until other surfers appeared that locals discovered that the man who had been living in their midst was really Mike Boyum, the legendary surf traveller who established the first surf camp at G-Land in the early seventies. “Mike Boyum was residence on Siargao from December 1988 to April 1989,” says Cloud 9 pioneer and surf photographer John Callahan. “As January to April is the worst time for waves with constant onshore northeasterly winds and heavy rain, and he endured a 44-day fast before his death in April, it is questionable how much surfing he did during his time on Siargao.  Tony and Steve told Mike about the island while in Bali, they surfed at Pansukian Reef near General Luna, but never went beyond as far as I know.”  Callahan headed an expedition in 1992 that included pro surfers Taylor Know and Evan Slater, who surfed the A-frame reef, giving the wave its now famous moniker.  The photographs and article hit the shelves in Surfer magazine and a new dream destination was born “I named the break after the local no-melt chocolate bars,” says Callahan. “Going into town after lunch for a warm Coke and a Cloud 9 was the highlight of our day.”