Buddha’s has partnered with to provide guests with the latest kite equipment and highly experienced and qualified instructors.

Although we offer kite surfing this is through a third party and we do not claim Siargao to be a top kite surf destination, with wind conditions for kiting being very fickle.  Please do your research.



Fast learning success combined with loads of fun. Our lessons are taught by experienced instructors. We teach with the standard of IKO (International Kite Organization) and VDWS (Verband deutscher Wassersport Schulen).

At the end of the IKO course you will receive a Kite surfing license to justify your level. Once you are certified, you will be able to rent gear in any center worldwide. The equipment is checked daily for your safety!

Kite courses include equipment.

Discover Kitesurfing – 49EUR
– An introduction to the sport covering the basics of kite flying. Involves loads of practical and epic fun but doesn’t cover board starts.

Beginner Kiteboarding Course – 295EUR
– The best option for beginners. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get up on the board and riding in 3 to 4days.

Advanced Kiteboarding Course – 180/150EUR

– For those who have completed a 2 or 3 day course or similar, that are aiming to board start under control, continue runs and introduce turns.

5 Day Kitecamp ‘Zero to Hero’ Kitesurfing – from 280EUR
– A course aimed for those really aiming to get into kitesurfing, starting from the beginning all the way to riding the board with turns and tweaks.

Waveclinic – 150/180EUR
– For the advanced rider, looking for a new experience, getting strapless into waves is a new challenge.

Coaching 40/49EUR
– Advanced courses for kitesurfers looking to perfect techniques or learn new tricks.

Private tuition 40/49EUR
– The optimum way to learn any of our sports, ideal for those with limited time or looking for a tailor made course.


Stephan Hertig

Kitesurfing veteran Stephan is working for the KTA as a Competition Manager. He has been teaching kitesurfing and managing kite schools all around the globe.

Kathrin Borgwardt
4 times Asian Kite Race Champion and Freestyle Champion Kathrin Borgwardt is a long time veteran Kiteboarder. She has over 12 years of teaching experience under her belt wt a kite school in Germany and a resort in the Philippines she has all the knowledge you need to successfully rund a kite school and teach from 0 to hero in no time. She is also organising kids training for the young guns.



All sizes are available. You want to try to surf on a directional board in the waves , no problem- test the 2015 gear with us.